As Nature Intended


Nature Intended

A whole food is one that has been processed or refined as little as possible and is free from additives or other artificial substances. Natural hemp oil properly derived from high-grade hemp plants using this process is considered a whole food. Just like olive and coconut (MCT) oils are considered whole foods. Hemp oil consumed by itself is considered very potent. This is why it is recommended to be diluted with another natural whole food oil.

Independent Lab Analysis.

Real Taste!

Our hemp oil has the mild aromas and tastes of hemp.

Our bodies are designed to consume whole foods. Whole foods are designed by nature to be consumed as is. Hemp oil should be processed as little as possible to retain its many natural properties, just as nature intended.

Many companies, scientists and medical professionals will debate which hemp oil formulas are the best and why their ingredients are superior – using phrases like nano delivery and claiming independent studies. These are all marketing strategies to lure people into believing that their products are better for some reason.

Better Ingredients!

Our product has only whole food ingredients.

If consumers look closely at many of the products on the market and do a little research, they will discover that most are not healthy. Competitors’ products often use Alcohol (Ethanol) as a preservative. Why put flavors or other unhealthy ingredients into a natural health product?

As Nature Intended